Getting started with your  Moto Watch and Android phone

Before you start

The Moto Watch communicates with your smartphone. You must ensure the watch is connected to your phone to be able to send alarms.

  • You must purchase a subscription. You get your subscription at
  • Have your Moto Watch fully charged.
  • Your watch communicates with your phone through Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth always is turned on.
  • When using your watch, ensure the watch and your smartphone are not far from each other.

Step 1

  1. Have your Moto Watch 100 ready, and make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone and you have an internet connection.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and download the BellPal Safety+ app.
  3. The Safety+ app will pop up on your screen. Press “START THE SETUP.”

Note: You must purchase a subscription to use the Safety+ service as a watch user.

Step 2

  1. Choose your country from the drop-down list.
  2. Enter your phone number without a country code.
  3. Press “SEND”

Note: Remember to log in with the same number as when you got your subscription.

Step 3

  1. You will receive an SMS text message with a verification code.

  2. Enter the code and press “VERIFY.”

Note: If you don’t receive a verification code, press “HAVEN’T RECEIVED THE CODE?” and a new code will be sent by SMS text.

Step 4

  1. A welcome screen will show up with your name, confirming you as a registered watch user.

  2. Press “CONTINUE.”

Note: Please contact customer support if you registered the wrong name when you signed up for the Safety+ service and want to change it.

Step 5

  1. Read BellPal’s General Conditions.

  2. Press “ACCEPT.”

Note: So that you know, you need to accept the general condition of accessing the Safety+ service.

Step 6

BellPal safeguards your privacy. However, we need some permissions from you to make our app safe to use. During the installation of the app, you will be asked to permit the use of personal information on your phone. During an ongoing alarm, your location is only visible to your contacts and the Emergency Response Center.

  1. Swipe the “BLUETOOTH,” “CALL,” “CONTACT,” and “LOCATION” bars to the right and press “ALLOW” on the pop-screens that will show.
  2. Press “CONTINUE.”

Note: When you swipe the “LOCATION” bar to the right, choose “While using the app” on the pop-up screen.

Step 7

  1. BellPal offers several watch models to be used for the Safety+ service. If your watch is not shown on the screen, press “SELECT ANOTHER WATCH.”

  2. When your watch is shown, press “CONTINUE WITH SETUP.”

Note: It is essential to choose the watch you have to be able to finalize the installation.

Step 8

  1. Place your Moto Watch near your phone.

  2. Press “CONFIRM & PROCEED.”

Note: Make sure the battery level of your Moto Watch is at least 50 %.

Step 9

Now the app controls if the Moto Watch is paired with the Moto app. If your watch is connected to the Moto app, it’s shown by the green link symbol on the watch’s face. If your Moto Watch is not paired with the Moto app, the link symbol is red, and you will not be able to connect to the Safety+ app.

  1. Check that the link symbol on the watch’s face is green.
  2. Press “CHECK THE WATCH”

Note: If the watch is not paired with the Moto app, a button on the app screen will take you to the Moto app, where you can connect your watch. After this is done, you can continue the setup.

For more information, see the “Troubleshooting” section.

Step 10

The Safety+ app has confirmed the connection between the Moto Watch and Moto app and is now looking to connect the Moto Watch to the Safety+ app.

  1. Press “CONTINUE.”

Note: Please make sure the Moto Watch is near your phone.

Step 11

Now the Moto Watch is connected to the Safety+ app and ready to use.

  1. Press “FINISH.”

Note: You can always restart the onboarding by deleting the app or go backward by pressing the arrow in the upper left corner.

Step 12

Your Moto Watch is now ready to use. You can add your first selected contact or do it later.

  1. Press “SKIP” if you do not want to add contacts at this stage.

Note: You can add contacts later by going to the “Pals” button in the app.

Step 13

You can see that the watch is connected on the start screen of the Safety+ app, as well as the battery status of the watch.

The onboarding is now complete.

Note: We suggest you test to trigger a manual by pressing the bottom button on your Moto Watch. The app will show a countdown, and an alarm signal will sound from your phone. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to cancel the alarm before the countdown with its red circle bar is complete. For more information, see the “How to trigger alarm” article.