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How to trigger a manual alarm

The safetyplus app and how to add contacts


What is the Safety+ service?2023-02-20T22:02:02+00:00

The Safety+ is a PERS* service where emergency response agents are ready to respond to incoming alarms 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

*Personal Emergency Response System

How does Safety+ work?2023-02-20T22:03:36+00:00
  1. When a fall is detected or manually triggered, the Watch User’s Contacts and the Emergency Response Center will be notified.
  2. The Emergency Response Center will try to establish contact with the Watch User to confirm the location and assess the situation.
  3. The Emergency Response Center will together with the Watch User determine the best method of support and stay on the line until help is on the way.
What is required to use the Safety+ service?2023-02-20T22:05:26+00:00
  • As a Watch User you need an active subscription.
  • You need a Motorola smartwatch, the Moto 100 Watch.
  • You need an smartphone with internet connection and Bluetooth activated.
Can I use whatever smartwatch on the market with the Safety+ service2023-02-20T22:08:01+00:00

No, you can only use Motorola’s smartwatch, the Moto 100 Watch. We will add more Moto Watch models in the coming months.

How many ways can an alarm be triggered in?2023-02-20T22:11:35+00:00

An alarm can be triggered in 3 ways. Through the app, manually from the watch or automatically if the fall algorithm in the watch detects a fall.

Does the watch detect all kinds of falls?2023-03-08T09:12:25+00:00

Our fall detection algorithm is primarily trained to detect falls where you fall and lay still afterwards, assuming this is the situation where you might not be able to activate the manual alarm from the watch. It is also trained specifically on fall patterns for people with an age over 70.

Does the watch work in all countries?2023-02-20T22:21:17+00:00

The watch itself works anywhere, as long as the watch is connected to your smartphone and the phone has internet access. However, our 24/7 emergency response center currently only operates in the USA and Canada.

Can I turn off the alarm? I may have fallen but everything went well.2023-02-20T22:23:33+00:00

After an alarm is triggered you have 30 seconds to cancel it before it is sent to the Emergency Response Center and your Contacts. You do this via the app in your smartphone or by holding down the push button on the watch for 10 seconds.

If I want help but have not fallen – what should I do then?2023-02-20T22:26:33+00:00

You can start the alarm yourself at any time by pressing the alarm button on the watch. Then the exact same thing happens as with an automatic alarm.

How do my Contacts know I have fallen?2023-02-20T22:28:54+00:00

They get a notification from the app on their phone.

How do I trigger an alarm on the watch?2023-02-20T23:14:15+00:00

You can manually trigger an alarm on your watch by pressing and holding the bottom button for three seconds. The alarm will also be automatically activated if you fall and lay still for more than 10 seconds after the fall. For a more detailed description of how to trigger an alarm, read our instruction page on how to trigger an alarm.


Is there a GPS in the watch?2023-02-20T22:31:47+00:00

No, the GPS location that you see in the app is from your phone.

Where can I download the app?2023-02-20T22:32:39+00:00

You can download the app from Google Play.

Is a subscription required to use the app?2023-02-20T22:34:06+00:00

As a Watch User, you need to purchase a Safety+ subscription to be able to log into the app, or, as a Contact, you need to be invited by the Watch User.

Is the app available for iPhone and Android phones?2023-02-20T22:35:53+00:00

Currently the app is only available for Android phones, but it will be available for iPhone within the near future.

Can I purchase a Safety+ subscription in the app?2023-02-20T22:37:17+00:00

No, you purchase and sign up for the Safety+ subscription here on the Safety+ website.

Can I send an alarm through the app?2023-02-20T22:38:20+00:00

Yes, by pressing and holding the button in the middle of the screen until it becomes fully red.

If the watch loses contact with my smartphone, what happens then?2023-02-20T22:39:36+00:00

The watch must be paired with the phone in order for a fall alarm to be sent to the Emergency Response Center and your Contacts. For example, if the distance becomes too large, the watch loses contact with the phone. Should this happen, we will automatically send a notification to your smartphone that the contact has been lost.

What happens if I accidentally delete the app?2023-02-20T22:41:12+00:00

If you delete the app your fall alarms will no longer be sent to your Contacts or the Emergency Response Center since that is done by the app. But don’t worry, you can just download the app and then pair the watch to the phone according to the instructions in the user manual and/or in the app and you can use the service again. Your Contacts and alarm history will be saved.

Can I register myself as a contact to someone else in the app?2023-02-20T23:08:15+00:00

No, only the Watch User can invite Contacts.

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