How to send a manual alarm and what happens when an alarm is triggered

Step 1

Press and hold the bottom button for three seconds. A countdown will start, and when three seconds have passed, the watch will trigger an alarm.

  • Note: If you release the bottom button before the countdown on your watch is complete, the alarm will not be triggered.

Step 2

After pressing and holding the button for over three seconds, the alarm is sent from your watch to the Safety+ app on your smartphone. A red countdown bar will fill the screen for 30 seconds before the alarm is active and transferred to our Emergency Response Center and your selected contacts.

  • Note: You can always cancel an alarm in case of accidental operation by pressing and holding the bottom button for 3 seconds. No alert will be sent if you do so within 30 seconds (while the red countdown bar is filling the screen).

Step 3

The alarm is now active, and your selected contacts have received a push notification in their app informing them of the alert. At the same time, the alarm has been sent to our Emergency Response Center, where an operator establishes your location.

If you press “SHOW LOCATION,” you can see the position of the alarm.

  • Note: It is only possible for your selected contacts and the emergency center to see your position under an ongoing alarm.

Step 4

When the operator has received the alert and confirmed the location of the watch user, the watch face will show “Contact Responded,” and a message will pop up in the Safety+ app saying “Responded.”

The emergency response center will try to contact the watch user or selected contacts to help the watch user if needed.

  • Note: While the alarm is active, the Moto Watch will vibrate.

Step 5

When the watch user has received adequate help, the emergency response center operator resolves the alarm, and a message will pop up in the Safety+ app saying “Resolved.”

  • Note: Your selected contacts will be able to chat with you and see the status in their app as events unfold.